Indoor Cycles

Hearts pumping, pulses racing - find your tribe on a Freemotion IC bike.

The s11.9 Indoor Cycle is all about encouraging riders to take it to the next level. Well-considered design and solid core construction create the foundation for an aerobic and strength training workout riders want. The Carbon Drive™ System and magnetic resistance increase heart rate, maximize calorie burn and build muscles. The bike’s compact footprint and sporty design create a class setting that exudes energy and excitement, ready for the next challenge.

  • Carbon Drive™ System
  • Magnetic Resistance
  • 2” Fore/Aft Handlebar and Seat Adjustment
  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame
Indoor Cycles


s11.8 Indoor Cycle Carbon Drive™ System

An inertia-enhanced flywheel and power shift function give riders a HIIT, functional training experience they want to get results they can feel. Height customization fits 90% of all gym members.

  • Innovation on-board
  • Constant resistance, continual results
  • Everybody in
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Indoor Cycles


s11.6 Indoor Cycle Chain Drive System

Friction Resistance, along with powder coated forged cranks, activate muscle mass and a calorie burn that continues to last even when the ride is over. Biomechanics create a “real road” experience.

  • Real-life experience
  • Utilize the friction
  • Different is better
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Next generation ANT+ communication measures and converts the rider’s energy into real time stats. Conveniently wireless, the console leverages Polar® technology for reliable, consistent communication to enhance the workout experience.

  • Create a progressive workout
  • Progress you can see
  • Customize the ride
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