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The Console and Power-Sensing Crank Arm are add-on enhancements that use next generation ANT+ communication to measure, convert and display the energy the rider is creating during their workout into real time stats. When given even more information – such as weight and workout goals – the Freemotion Console will create personalized speed calculations to get riders on the right track. A USB port means riders can save workout stats to easily track their progress. Conveniently wireless, the console leverages Polar® technology for reliable and consistent communication to enhance the workout experience.

Create a progressive workout

Create a progressive workout

Track interval average stage readings with this convenient console that's intuitive and easy to read.

Progress you can see

Progress you can see

The strain gauge power sensor on the crank arm delivers accurate and consistent readings within a two percent accuracy rate. Members can keep track of exactly where they are, and where they need to go, with all their ride information front and center to keep them focused and motivated.

Customize the ride

With additional information, such as weight, this smart console generates personalized calorie and speed calculation.




Equipment Features
Operating Range 41º to 104º F (5 to 40° C)
Languages EN, ES, DE, IT, PT, CH, NL, FR
Transmission Signal ANT+ Communication is Displayed on Console
Shipping Dimensions & Weight
Shipping Weight lbs (kg) 10 lbs (4.5 kg)
Shipping L x W x H in (cm) 9.68 x 5.48 x 6.69 in (24.5 x 13.9 x 16.9 cm)
Power Requirements
Power Requirements Console: 3 C-Batteries, Crank Arm: 2 AA-Batteries
Warranty (US)
Parts (Mechanical & Electronic) 1 Year parts
Warranty (International)
Parts (Mechanical & Electronic) 1 Year parts
Interval average

Track average stage readings with this convenient console.

Training interval control

This console displays the current stage or interval of the workout which is helpful when training for a race or simply trying to push yourself.

Customizable settings

With additional information, such as weight, this smart console generates personalized calorie and speed calculation.

Backlit display

This 2 in x 4 in (5 x 10.1 cm) LCD screen is clear and easy to read. Users will be able to quickly view their workout details.

USB port

Save and transport workout information for convenient tracking and goal setting.

Instant reading

Quickly view accurate and immediate workout details including; Watts, RPM, Speed, Heart Rate, Kcal, Time, Distance Readouts (current and average).

Crank arm

The strain gauge power sensor delivers accurate and consistent readings within a two percent accuracy rate.

Console Power

The console is powered by three C-batteries, which last up to three months under normal usage (8-hours per day, 6-days per week).

Console Buttons

Backlight +/-, Start/Interval, Stop/Results, Max/+


Polar® and Ant+ Compatible Heart Rate Receiver

Console Protection

Console Casing is ASTM Compliant for Salt Spray

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