Building a new brand

Starting over from scratch can be intimidating. But when the leaders at FITLAB fitness club decided to completely rebrand, Freemotion helped make the move exciting, easy and most of all, successful.

"Since adding Freemotion, we have transformed into the premier functional training center in New Hampshire. "


Long before FITLAB fitness club became FITLAB fitness club, they were a Gold’s Gym. After years of running successful Gold’s locations, they wanted to shift the focus at their six New Hampshire locations from traditional strength building to be a more well-rounded fitness offering, with functional and HIIT training opportunities to widen their member base and distinguish themselves from the competition.

De-franchising was a long road, but because they were guided by their crystal clear vision for a next level workout experience, they developed their own personal brand, FITLAB fitness club.


While operating under the Gold’s Gym brand, FITLAB fitness club already had Freemotion machines on their floor - mostly strength-building machines. But because their new brand had a deeper focus on functional training, FITLAB fitness club wanted to restock with diverse, multi-functioning solutions that would appeal to a young, diverse member base interested in overall training.

Business Impact

After changing their logo, colors and overall brand identity, FITLAB fitness club restructured their floor space. In a completely bold move, they installed a turf area and put LiveAxis by Freemotion on the turf.

“Members love that area, and love LiveAxis because the machine follows their movement, instead of the other way around,” said FITLAB fitness club owner, Chris Jordan. “Because there are no seats on the LiveAxis line, it’s very inviting for people just to walk up and start moving.”

Along with the LiveAxis line, FITLAB fitness club installed Freemotion’s two additional strength lines -- Genesis and Genesis DS. And to create a complete cardio offering, FITLAB fitness club has the 10 series cardio machines, Incline Trainers (the first commercial treadmill to reach a 30% incline) and the road-simulating Tour de France bike.

Having Freemotion equipment in their gym has helped build their personal training business and expand their audience to potential new clients.

With a new focus and outlook, FITLAB fitness club attributes Freemotion to creating a new sense of community within their gym.

Freemotion machines help people train for marathons and for everyday life. The Genesis DS line creates new small group training opportunities where in the past there was none. “Freemotion is outstanding,” said Chris.

Even though FITLAB fitness club left a very successful gym franchise and brand, they are finding success in their own right. “We are still known for strength training but thanks to the introduction of Freemotion and functional training, our member base has remained strong, we’ve attracted new members and everyone has been energized by the Freemotion equipment,” said Chris.

“Since adding Freemotion, we have transformed into the premier functional training center in New Hampshire,” he said.

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