Institute of Human Performance
The Institute of Human Performance (IHP) with owner, Jaun Carlos "JC" Santana, serves as an educational resource to FreeMotion Fitness. Located in Boca Raton, Florida, IHP is the world's premier functional training facility, where fitness professionals from all over the world come to learn the latest training methods. Men's Journal voted JC as one of the top 100 Personal Trainers in the US, and Men's Health voted IHP as one of the top 20 facilities in the country.

Parisi Speed School
Started by Bill Parisi in 1992, the Parisi Speed School is powered by FreeMotion Fitness equipment to bring athletes seven-years-old all the way to the Pros custom programs to achieve peak performance. FreeMotion Fitness has reached thousands of youth through the Parisi Speed School in an effort to fight obesity in today's younger generations.

Thomas Plummer
With over 25 years in the fitness expertise, Thomas Plummer acknowledges FreeMotion Fitness as a preferred strength and cardio equipment supplier. When facility owners are seeking answers to grow their business, drive new membership sales, and becoming more financially successful as an independent operator, they turn to Plummer as the only source that has the experience to provide the leadership and answers you need.

PT on the Net
FreeMotion Fitness partners with to offer trainers the tools to properly prepare their clients for the vigor of everyday life. As the largest online education resource for the fitness industry, provides online presentations and valuable materials on the use of FreeMotion Fitness equipment.

Reebok University

FreeMotion Fitness joins with Reebok University to provide quality video and education of Reebok Professional Studio products for sports and fitness professionals. Founded in 1993 Reebok U creates quality and well-researched education programs to help people reach their goals for health, fitness and performance.