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What is FreeMotion?

FreeMotion should be looked at in respect to individual kinesiology (the study of motion). Human motion involves pushing, pulling, squatting, rotating, stepping, lunging, bending and balancing in a 3-dimensional world. FreeMotion allows the user to define their own movement patterns based on their own needs and goals. Traditional, fixed-isolated equipment (with single plane movements), is designed to fit the body of the average user, however not all of your members fit that average body-type. FreeMotion equipment can accommodate virtually any movement pattern with a wide range of motion performed by almost every body type.


Why was FreeMotion designed?

FreeMotion equipment is designed to increase your performance in daily activities and sports performance. By adding resistance to these movement patterns, you can effectively train the specific muscles to enhance that activity. While fixed-isolated equipment is designed to enhance strength in specific muscles, this strength has little carry-over to everyday life as we rarely perform these types of isolated movements.


Is FreeMotion safe to use?

YES. It is essential to recognize that if a machine prevents any joint from moving, there will be a rise in stress on nearby joints. For instance, the fixed-isolated seated bicep machine tends to immobilize the shoulder joint, so that larger stress is placed on the elbow joint and musculature. FreeMotion equipment allows the user to move naturally, based on their abilities and differences in limb lengths and joints.


What is the advantage of the FreeMotion swivel pulley system?

The FreeMotion swivel pulley system allows the user to engage in multiplanar, multi-joint movement patterns. Because the pulleys are able to articulate, they can follow the natural path of the cable created by the user. This swivel system provides the user the ability to target specific muscles and recruit the muscles being used to stabilize and balance the body. The development of stabilizer muscles improves muscle balance, agility, posture, joint function, strength in various planes, and increases caloric expenditure for fat loss goals. Ultimately making you feel better due to overall musculoskeletal efficiency. This system allows for true whole body training.


What is the advantage of asymmetrical training?

Most movements in life are asymmetrical. Think of how we open and close doors and get in and out of cars. Integrating unilateral movement into your training is easy with FreeMotion equipment and because the cable/pulley design allows to train at the speed of life, which is never constant.


Can all populations use FreeMotion equipment?

The answer is YES! The fact that different populations are entering gyms today creates a need for versatile equipment. Humans display a wide variety of fitness levels and enjoy many forms of physical activity. Individuals have different goals, needs, wants and levels of physical capacity. FreeMotion machines are specifically constructed to provide challenge for many users: active aging, youth, deconditioned, elite athletes and rehabilitation.


How do users know how to perform the movement?

FreeMotion equipment is designed to be intuitive, so users can get on and go. With little to no adjustments necessary, users can simply grasp the handles and begin training. Ideal posture is important for any type of exercise and is defined as the position where the entire body functions most efficiently. In ideal posture the skeletal system supports our weight, the muscles work optimally, and the joints move in complete range of motion.



How does FreeMotion equipment compare to traditional equipment when it comes to results?

The following table gives a great overview of the superior benefits of FreeMotion Fitness equipment.

Postural Training No Yes
Balance Training No Yes
Recruitment of Stabilizing Muscles No Yes
Allows for 3-dimensional Training No Yes
Burns Calories Yes Yes - More than Traditional*
Allows for Asymmetrical Training Limited Yes**
Engages the Core No Yes
Allows for Multi-planar/Multi-joint training No Yes
Coordination Training No Yes
Machine Adjustments 2-4 0-1
Life/Sport Specific Movement Patterns No Yes
Population usage Limited Everyone
Variety of Exercises Limited Many per machine
Time Efficient Limited Yes
Grip Adjustment No Yes
Bodybuilding Yes Yes
Individual Visual Feedback Minimal Yes
Rehabilitation Limited Yes
Functional Development No Yes
Ground Foot Position Limited Complete line
Stand/Sit Variation No Yes

*Since FreeMotion equipment activates more muscles you burn more calories.
**FreeMotion allows for the user to define the movement pattern not the machine.