FreeMotion Epic Upgraded With New And Improved Features

Several Units in the FreeMotion EPIC Selectorized Line Available with More Features and Functions

(March 4, 2008, COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.) - FreeMotion Fitness upgrades some features and adds options for movement patterns in the FreeMotion EPIC selectorized line of fixed-isolated strength equipment.

"FreeMotion EPIC has become a very popular line of strength equipment," explains Patrick Hald, President and COO of FreeMotion Fitness. "To better serve our customers, we've evaluated the line to see where we can make some improvements in usability and function. These changes have been received with great enthusiasm and resulted in greater sales opportunities."

Several pieces in the line offer an option for a more traditional movement pattern. The Prone Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Bicep and Tricep are now available with and without Linear Movement (LM™) technology. Units that have the LM technology feature handles and leg pads that slide horizontally on a liner shaft for natural range of motion. The non-LM units feature fixed handles and a single leg pad for a more traditional, isolated movement pattern.

Other units like the Chest, Calf Extension, Tricep and Lat/High Row feature improved seats and adjustments for comfort and ease of use.